12 Useful SEO Tips for Beginner

I would like to introduce useful search engine optimization tips for beginner. All this following tips are essential and do not miss in your mission for SEO.
1 Not more than 60 characters in Meta Title, is good.
2 Not more than 5 keywords in the Meta keyword, is good.
3 Not more than 120 characters in Meta description, is good.
4 Use main keywords or phrases in the Meta title and Meta description tags.
5 Do not use multiple h1 and h2 tags.
6 Do not use <br /> tags for line breaks, use <p> tag instead of using <br/>
7 Do not use 10 or more images in a web page.
8 Use breadcrumbs for internal linking structure
9 Work with a keyword density of 2% – 4% for optimum results.
10 Include sitemaps on every page of a website.
11 Use url for human readable form. Be clean url.
12 Prepare unique content. Do not copy from other indexed website.

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